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You can buy not only Orchid Framed Prints there, but also Orchid Canvas Prints. By Me and many other living artists. Help support Art in America. Buy Art from FAA.


There’s a new bank in town

PNCEastside800And it’s Solar Powered!

The new Davie Blvd and Andrews Ave. Branch of PNC Bank may look a bit different than most typical public buildings. That’s because of some special design features that  make it more energy efficient. It also produces it’s own power on-site with arrays of PhotoVoltaic (PV) Solar panels. The building’s roof, as well as  shade structures over the parking area and the ATM kiosk are all arrayed with solar cells, which, according to literature handed out at the Branch, produces 55.1kw. Enough to power the entire building.

The building itself is made more efficient with features like low voltage LED lighting. Natural lighting and ventilation also help to keep energy needs low. You can click to find out more about this Net-Zero Energy Branch.

I’m a bit surprised that we don’t see more of this in South Florida. After all, this is the Sunshine State.

South Side of the bank showing some of the solar panels. Maybe someday that big ugly pole will be gone.

South Side of the bank showing some of the solar panels. Maybe someday that big ugly pole will be gone.

Featured On RedBubble!

I have had a couple of Photos featured in groups on RedBubble. Having my Images accepted to the Groups is one thing but to get them featured among so much awesome work is even better. There are no trophies or prize money or anything like that. Just Bragging Rights. So here I am. Bragging. lol I also made a special collection just for featured images. Click on the photo for  the link.

I have to say that it is nice to be recognized by people who aren’t my friends or family. Although I like hearing from them too!

Humans of Fort Lauderdale on Facebook

So I was cruising on Facebook the other day and I saw a page called “Humans of DC”. It sounded interesting so I checked it out. It said it was inspired by Humans of NY. As it turns out, there are Humans of … pages for cities and even countries all over the world. So I did a search and found that Humans of Fort Lauderdale was available so I signed up for it! I began posting over the weekend with Pics that I shot at the South Florida DAY of the DEAD Celebration That happened at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. I hope you will take a look and “Like” the Page!

RedBubble Page

I have had a page on RedBubble for a while now. But I have just started posting there. I hope you will take a look. There is a link in the sidebar or simply click on the slideshow widget in this post. Thanks and if you like what you see don’t be afraid to share it with your friends. Both FB and IRL. =)

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